Issue 4

August 2017


Issue 4: August 2017

Issue 4

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Editorial: Ideas for Struggles

There has been much discussion in the Philippine movement about the character of the Duterte regime. It has impelled a number of groups to formulate their tactics vis-à-vis the current regime from ‘engagement’ to ‘challenge’ and ‘resist’.

Libreng Edukasyon, Hindi Dagdag Buwis!

Pinirmahan na ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act o ang RA 10931. Ito ang batas na ayon sa gobyerno ay magbibigay ng libreng tuition sa mga estudyante ng State Universities and Colleges (SUC) at ilang mga Local Universities and Colleges (LUC) kasama na ang mga pampublikong Technical-Vocational Institutions (TVI).


Eric Foner: White Nationalists, Neo-Confederates, and Donald Trump

Eric Foner is an award-winning historian of the Civil War and Reconstruction, author most recently of Battles for Freedom: The Use and Abuse of American History, a collection of essays from The Nation magazine. He teaches history at Columbia University and is also a member of the Editorial Board of The Nation. The interview has been edited and condensed.

Letters from Venezuela – activists in the revolution

There are a few interesting things [to note] … starting with the fact that the language and the speech used by this soldier is exactly the same as the speech of the opposition. This is important because he says that they are a group "defending" and looking "to re-establish" democracy in the country but democracy hasn't been broken. When using the same speech of the opposition and saying things like "Maduro is a dictator" and that we live in a dictatorship that tells us the interest these people serve.

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