Issue 3

July 2017


Issue 3: July 2017

Issue 3

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EDITORYAL: Ang desisyon ng Supreme Court ay pagpanig sa pagtutuloy ng gyera sa Mindanao

Noong July 4, inayunan ng Korte Suprema ang deklarasyon ng martial law sa buong Mindanao. Sa bilang na 11-3-1, ibinasura ang mga petisyon ng iba’t ibang organisasyon laban sa Proclamation 216 na nagdeklara ng martial law sa Mindanao noon pang Mayo 23.

Duterte's SONA - More Swearing than Accomplishments

WHOEVER thought of the theme for Duterte’s Sona – “A Comfortable Life for All” – must be living on Mars, if not out of their mind. How can life be comfortable for all when there is martial law in Mindanao? Can you tell that to the 260,000 refugees from Marawi still languishing in evacuation centers? The 8,000 Tokhang victims and the widows of the war on drugs in poor neighborhood? The millions of contractual workers who are denied regular work despite Duterte’s promise of dismantling labor contractualization? The landless farmers? The masses suffering from unemployment, rising prices of basic commodities, and lack of decent housing?

Latest Feature Article

iDEFEND Statement to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing, U.S. Congress

On behalf of the In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDEFEND), I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Representatives McGovern and Hultgren, as well as all the other good members of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for their support to the human rights protection of the Filipino people. The concern, involvement and solidarity by people abroad is very important during these very challenging times.

Wala nang Paglingon Pabalik para kay Duterte

Isang taon pagkatapos maluklok sa kapangyarihan si Rodrigo Duterte, nasa daan na nga patungo sa isang diktadurya ang Pilipinas. Tulad ng kongkistador na si Cortez, sinunog na ni Duterte ang mga iniwang barko. Wala nang balikan. Ang pagbaba sa poder pagkatapos ng anim na taon ay mukhang lumalabo na rin, lalo pa’t nakaamba sa kanya ang mga dapat haraping mga kaso sa lokal at internasyunal na korte dahil sa extra-judicial killings ng libu-libong tao. Ngunit taliwas sa karaniwang pakahulugan sa salitang diktadurya, ang rehimeng Duterte ay popular at ang popularidad nito ay nakatuntong sa suporta ng middle class.

Feature Article

Pagdistrungka sa Federalismo ni Duterte

ANG FEDERALISMO ay isang pundasyon sa paghahari ng rehimen ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte. Kasama ito sa programang iniharap niya noon pang panahon ng kampanya sa eleksyon.

Hindi bigo si Duterte at ang DOLE sa paglaban sa kontrakwalisasyon—suportado nila ito

Animo’y nagsisisi at mapagpakumbaba si DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III nang kanyang aminin kamakailan sa CNN Philippines na bigo ang kanyang opisinang masawata ang kontraktwalisasyon.

Statement of ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman on the proposed Muslim-only ID in Tarlac

The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) expresses alarm over reports that the local government of Paniqui in the province of Tarlac is now implementing an ID system but applied exclusively to Muslims.

Four Challenges to Global Trade Activists

"We cannot leave the field to a neoliberalism that has failed or to an extremism that has appropriated some of our analysis and married them to hideous, reactionary values. A progressive future is not guaranteed. We must work to bring it about, and we will."

Excerpts from “Development and Distress in Mindanao A Political Economy Overview”

It is widely believed that economic growth and development have bypassed the southern regions of the Philippines. This is seen as the cause of the serious political problems that now plague Mindanao. A closer look at Mindanao’s economic development, however, reveals that far from being isolated from the mainstream of the national economy, the island has been a major performer and a primary contributor to the country’s productive capacities.

Fighting Fascism

Fascism comes in different ways in different countries, and even within the same country, it can appear in a different manner at a later date than it did earlier. The common view of how fascism comes to power is what we may brand the Marcos model of “creeping fascism.” First, there are the violations of civil rights and political liberties, then comes the lunge for absolute power, then indiscriminate, massive repression. Duterte reverses this process. First, there is massive repression, in this case, the indiscriminate killing of over 10,000 suspected drug users. Then the power grab, in this case the declaration of martial law, the first phase of which we have witnessed with the imposition of military rule in Mindanao. Finally, there's the suppression of basic political and civil rights and liberties in an atmosphere that has been largely sanitized of political opposition. As opposed to creeping fascism, this is “blitzkrieg fascism.”

A dangerous situation

THIS IS an initiative appropriate to the times. President Duterte has just confirmed that he’s raring to establish a dictatorship. He wants to extend martial law in Mindanao until December this year. And his chuwariwariwap boys in Congress had agreed to this. And now even Vice Leni said don’t be suspicious of his intentions, because he’s out to do good. Seems like he’s out to no good for me.


Venezuela: Right-wing intensifies street violence

The right-wing campaign of violence and terror has accelerated in the lead up to the July 30 Constituent Assembly elections in Venezuela. They fascist-style tactics aimed at maximizing the harm to the public and public property, combined with the targeted killings of supporters of the revolution – worker and peasant leaders, students and soldiers. According to Telesur at least 94 people have been killed since the new wave of opposition-led street violence began in early April. In addition to those killed, over 1200 have been injured.  A majority of the victims have been people who were not participating in any protest. The violence has also been aimed against public infrastructure in general: schools, hospitals, popular markets, food shortage deposits, electricity infrastructure, public transport, and government institutions.

Arguments for Socialism

The Environmental Crisis

Interview with John Bellamy Foster: 'We need a resistance movement for the planet'

John Bellamy Foster is editor of Monthly Review, author of Marx’s Ecology, and co-author, with Brett Clarke and Richard York, of The Ecological Rift. This interview was first published in the print edition of Left Voice magazine.

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