Issue 4

August 2017


Issue 4: August 2017

Editorial: Ideas for Struggles

There has been much discussion in the Philippine movement about the character of the Duterte regime. It has impelled a number of groups to formulate their tactics vis-à-vis the current regime from ‘engagement’ to ‘challenge’ and ‘resist’.

Recently, the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army, and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines have adopted a more combative stance against what they now call the “US-Duterte regime”. The Left-wing leaders in the Duterte government have declared, however, that they will still remain with the Duterte Cabinet.

President Duterte has recently signed into law a bill granting free tuition in state colleges and universities. Some have seen this as a positive step undertaken by Duterte, and a sign of the need by the movement to ‘engage’ the present administration especially on social welfare issues. An article in this August issue of Ang Masa by Jhuly Panday points to the falsity of the President’s action on this bill.

While Ang Masa has largely featured articles putting forward positions about the need to challenge and resist the Duterte regime, nevertheless, we think it will be useful to open up the discussion to reflect and deepen our analysis on the character of the Duterte regime and how best to deal with it.

We encourage our contributors and readers to join the discussion by addressing any of the following questions:

  • Has the authoritarianism of the Duterte regime reached such a degree that we should now assess that it is becoming a fascist state? 

  • On the other hand, as some argue, do the so-called 'welfare' measures determine the character of the Duterte regime, that is a 'welfare state,' of a particular type?

  • Can the regime be characterized as a right-wing populist regime?

  • Following on from this, do we engage or do we resist/oppose the regime? 

  • What are the political instruments and organizational forms that we need? The role of the mass movement, elections, etc. Point out the main strategies and tactics that are necessary in this period.

Contributed articles on this topic will be posted in a section entitled Ideas for Struggles. In this section writings on Marxist, socialist and radical theories, revolutionary strategy and tactics, will be posted from hereon. This is in response to a growing number of readers who want to examine more theoretical writings about the present political situation and the tasks ahead of a newly-regrouping movement. #

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