Ang Masa, para sa sosyalismo stands for a genuine socialist alternative. Only a left and socialist alternative can provide long-term solutions in these crisis-ridden times. The paper‟s editorial policy will promote discussion and debates and carry analytical articles in keeping with this view point.

Over the coming months some of the main issues addressed in the paper will contribute to framing the rationale for and the character of a socialist alternative, including that of a socialist center or organization.

We believe such a paper is needed in the current political conjuncture. It‟s with this rationale and stand point that we publish the first issue of Ang Masa, para sa sosyalismo.

Editorial Board

Ramani Silva

Sonny Melencio

Ric Reyes

Ed Tadem

Luke Espiritu

Merck Maguddayao

Walden Bello

Kat Leuch

Ellecer 'Budit' Carlos

Aaron Pedrosa

Cover and layout artist

Zeus Agustin


Partido Lakas ng Masa